Do you feel unprepared for an emergency or disaster?

The Stockpile Savior is a 10-day guide created by Mark Anderson to help you be confident in surviving any unexpected disasters.


Savestockpile in just ten days 

37 Survival Foods Every Prepper Must Stockpile

It is a comprehensive guide to building a bulletproof stockpile that will help you survive any disaster.
It teaches advanced techniques for self-sufficiency, such as growing your own food and generating your own power.

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What is The Stockpile Savior?


The Stockpile Savior is a complete manual.The guide provides an easy to follow 10 day roadmap that families can use for building an optimal stockpile for unexpected emergencies and disasters.

This “bulletproof” stockpile will give people the necessary items to help them survive during the first 100 days and beyond of any disaster or doomsday scenario.

Mark Anderson, driven mainly by fear after feeling unprepared during 9/11 attacks, leveraged his knowledge of rationing food from his US military background and put together this essential guide devoted to helping individuals build their own ultimate food stockpiles without relying on traditional storage methods such as cans or deep freeze foods but instead introducing many creative DIY covert ways such as using outbuildings and uncapping irrigation systems among others.

In addition to offering step-by-step guidance on how to create the perfect food stockpile – it also offers detailed information about securing unlimited water source regardless of power disruption; protecting one's family with guns & ammunition; safeguarding health amidst hospital closures; along with 3 special reports (Riot Survival Tactics, How To Stay Safe & The Invisible Stockpile).

With these instructions in hand even beginners who never had experience prepping before will be able to create effective solutions adapted perfectly to their needs while avoiding heavy lifting or using unreliable sources.

Who exactly is Mark Anderson?

 He is a 53-year-old veteran living in Texas with his wife and two daughters. He made a name for himself as an experienced survival expert and has imparted all these years of knowledge into guides such as The Stockpile Savior Reviews and The Stockpile Savior Review Handbook.


These guides provide 10-day roadmap to help families survive the first 100 days of disaster, prepared by Mark's wealth of experience and expertise.

He earned the nickname ‘The Stockpile Scientist’ after he worked tirelessly to acquire the best resources available on how to build a stockpile quickly, efficiently, and covertly - just as German U-Boat sailors had done during World War II.

Mark isn't only an author but also holds credentials such as being MD/PhD from undisclosed institution where he serves Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean of the Division Biological Sciences.

His main concern is placing people first instead highlighting fire power or weapons placement tactics often found in similar books - this makes him even more respected among prepping circles today both offline & online!


How has The Stockpile Savior been Organized?

Mark Anderson's guide is organized into five sections - outlining how to build the ultimate food stockpile, safely and reliably gain access to unlimited water, never experience another blackout, protect your family with guns and ammo, and safeguard health when hospitals close down.

Part 1: How to Build the Ultimate Food Stockpile

The Stockpile Savior is a complete manual that provides detailed information on how to build the ultimate food stockpile. Many people mistakenly think they can rely on grocery stores and local eateries during disasters, but this is unfortunately not the case.
A well-stocked food supply is essential if you are serious about surviving long-term in any type of crisis situation.

With The Stockpile Savior, readers will learn advanced techniques for self-sufficiency like growing their own food, creating their own water sources and generating power without relying on traditionally unstable sources.

The 10 day roadmap included in the book outlines an organized system whereby anyone can efficiently create a rock solid disaster stockpile complete with all of the necessary supplies typically needed during an emergency or natural disaster..

From 37 survival foods every prepper must include in their stockpile to five unexpected items that many people overlook, readers who utilize The Stockpile Savior will be well prepared regardless of what fate throws their way--all while earning the nickname “the stock pile scientist” from friends and family.

Part 2: The Safe & Reliable Way to Ensure Access to Unlimited Water

The importance of water security cannot be overstated. During times of crisis, access to clean and unlimited amounts of water can make all the difference. Stockpile Savior offers a comprehensive guide for preppers and individuals concerned about emergency preparedness that covers many different elements such as stockpiling essential foods and safeguarding health during blackouts.

The centerpiece, however, is Part 2: The Safe & Reliable Way to Ensure Access to Unlimited Water.

Mark provides an invaluable resource for those who are looking to ensure they have sufficient supplies in terms of both quantity and quality during times of disaster or emergency. He has come up with an ingenious $5 tool that unlocks access to hundreds of gallons worth of safe drinking water without needing electricity or fuel-fed pumps and other specialized equipment constantly needed by German U-boat sailors a century ago - yet still effective today! Even more impressively, after entering some basic geographic information, the same amount is reduced to just minutes in set up time thanks to simple instructions Legible enough for anyone 12 yrs old+.

Finally, he goes beyond discussing physical hardware by emphasizing three covert ways you can buy things like a firearm without making yourself a target or person of interest if the need arises down the line.

By combining his real-life experience with tactical advice from survival websites space offered inside this book’s pages via digital access so you don't have do any heavy lifting when it comes siphoning out resources fast! With insider-knowledge recommended from medium sources such as sniper instruction manuals on how germinate food storing potential bacterial explosions at bay whilst stocking up on 37 survival foods every prepper must hoard.

Part 3: You'll Never Experience Another Blackout If You Have These Items

The Stockpile Savior offers essential items to help people survive blackouts, or lack of electricity access. It is recommended that individuals and families create a stockpile of backup power sources such as portable generators, solar panels, car batteries, wind turbines and other forms of renewable energy sources.

This ensures a reliable source of power when the main utility goes off-grid. Additionally, these items can be used for everyday activities like cooking food, recharging phones/tablets and running necessary appliances like refrigerators to store food longer without spoilage during emergency situations.

In Part 3 of The Stockpile Savior written by Mark Anderson (53 year-old veteran living in Texas with his wife and two children), detailed information on selecting the right backup item for your particular requirements is provided along with useful tips from German U-Boat sailors who survived long sea voyages despite blackouts.

Part 4: Guns & Ammunition: When Your Family's Safety Lies in Your Hands

Stockpile Savior devotes entire sections to guns and ammunition, illuminating their importance when it comes to keeping families safe. In Part 4 of the book, he acknowledges that weapons are one of the most important items in a stockpile.

After all, they may be necessary for self-defense in times of crisis when resources become scarce and criminal activity rises.

Mark Anderson has specialised knowledge on protecting yourself from military attacks, due to his 53 years experience as a veteran living in Texas. Within his detailed section on guns & ammo we can find insider tips about how best use these items; such as choosing appropriate selections for your region or environment along with advice on build bulk stockpiles without calling attention to yourself – essential details anyone looking to prepare themselves and their family must know before they purchase firearms or ammunition.

He also provides technical guidance on effective ways Americans can protect their loved ones by adequately camouflaging stockpiles so no prying eyes (including government officials) will discover them during disasters or any other crisis situation where these weapons may prove vital for survival.

Part 5: How to Safeguard Your Health When Hospitals & Pharmacies Shut Down

In Mark Anderson's The Stockpile Savior, this section is devoted to helping families prepare for a collapse of the healthcare system. With hospitals and pharmacies shut down, accessing medications and treatments necessary for health could be difficult or impossible in certain situations.

Mark takes care to explain how you should plan to protect your health if such a catastrophic event were to occur.

First, he recommends stocking up on basic medical supplies like bandages, antiseptics, antibiotics, over-the counter medication as well as always needing prescriptions in your stockpile.

He then goes into detail about what sort of prescription drugs are necessary - no just those related to chronic issues but also one’s that can help prevent common ailments like colds or perceptual illnesses - while providing tips on how best store and conceal them from prying eyes.

Special Reports by Mark Anderson

In addition to providing guidance on how to build a bulletproof stockpile and become self-sufficient with food, medicine and energy for the long term, Mark Anderson also offers three detailed Special Reports covering topics such as "The Invisible Stockpile" and "Riot Survival Tactics".

Special Report #1. The Invisible Stockpile

Mark Anderson's "The Stockpile Savior" includes a valuable section devoted to helping those who want to stockpile for emergency and unexpected situations. The focal point is the concept of an invisible stockpile, which helps people have their supplies on hand without being too prepared that it sets off red flags and attracts unwanted attention.

This means you can move quickly and quietly if a disaster ever strikes while preserving your resources from thieves or looters.

The report outlines several strategies people can utilize in order not only to keep their supplies hidden but also ensure they remain within reach when needed. Tips include storing items in outbuildings or other creative yet covert locations, buying supplies over time instead of all at once, and investing in alternative modes of transport such as bicycles should roads be blocked.

Special Report #2. How to Stay Safe

"The Stockpile Savior," by Mark Anderson, provides strategies for ensuring safety while building a stockpile during an emergency. The report includes tips on dealing with law enforcement, as well as unexpected items to ensure safety.

Strategies provided in the report have proven effective for countless Americans preparing for future disaster scenarios.

Mark, a 53-year-old veteran living in Texas and self-proclaimed "Stockpile Scientist," created the guide from his experience prepping for over 20 years. From small stockpiles to 20-month's worth of food stashed away in outbuildings across several properties - he has seen it all and done it all himself! He believes that families must be prepared before any hazard appears – whether natural or manmade – and offers advice on various topics ranging from how to build a stockpile quickly without bringing attention from prying eyes to riot survival tactics if necessary.

Special Report #3. Riot Survival Tactics

Mark Anderson, author of the comprehensive guide “The Stockpile Savior” and associated with "The Stockpile Savior Reviews" provides a unique approach towards surviving periods of mobs and increased theft.

This special report focuses on six tips that will help you stay safe during riots. With those tactics in mind, one has better chances for survival because it allows them to spot danger in advance.

One of such techniques is checking the news daily and be watchful for any signs of unusual activities or tension happening as riots often start from small disputes within communities which then lead to uprisings later on.

Also, Loud sounds are a sign that something is going wrong but do not loudly demonstrate your opinion; instead keep it quiet yet spread awareness if possible without putting yourself at risk so as to ensure safety.

Avoiding large group gatherings where possible can be beneficial too because their dynamics change rapidly based on force, momentum or manipulation used by other participants leading to unexpected initiatives affecting all present beings involved - hence it's essential to remain cautious when in groups during these situations.

60-day money-back guarantee

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Is the guide only about stockpiling food?
No. While stockpiling essential survival foods is a significant aspect, the guide also touches upon topics like the DIY home power system and covert ways to buy weapons.


Is the stockpile savior only available in digital format?
The primary access to Stockpile Savior is digital. For any other formats or editions, it's best to visit the official website.


I have specific items I want for my stockpile. Will this guide help?
Absolutely! The guide provides insights into various items you might need, including some surprising suggestions that many people might overlook.


What if I have more questions or need support?
You can always reach out by contacting customer service through the official website.